A professional partner

Success breeds success
HorseTelex provides a new ranking list on a global scale that is not based on prize money, but on placings in relation to the competition’s degree of difficulty. Our SWB horses place very well in both jumping and dressage in this ranking.

Long tradition
We are happy and proud that our horses and riders perform at top level, however not too surprised. Breeding the Swedish Warmblood horse comes of a long standing tradition with a philosophy based on natural resources, sustainabilty and soundness. Paired with a strong collaboration between sport and breeding our horses have proven successful over and over again. Success breeds success.

Organized and prepared
The Swedish Warmblood Association has for close to 100 years been the main influence for the development of the SWB. The organisation is responsible for registrations, young horse testing, stallion testing and development of the breed. And last but not least, to provide information about the SWB on a national and international level.

Our stud book originates from the the very first inspections, developed in 1874. Strict rules for conformation, perfromance and charachter were implemented. The rules and regulations were further developed and received its official status in 1918 as that was the year the law obliging stallions owners to have their stallions inspected came in to effect. The stud book was created and the Swedish Warmblood Association was founded in 1928, the sole keeper of the SWB stud book.

When you purchase a SWB, you actually get more than you think, the back ground stuff that does not show, but serves as a gurantee for ownership and sport.

Strong warmblood breeding program
Sweden needs a strong warmblood breeding program to ensure long term success in the equestrian sport. This is the foundation for the Swedish Warmblood Association, or SWB for short. Neither the thought or the organisation are new. Breeding horses of varied breeds and traits has been done for centuries. The origin of our breed can be traced back to when Sweden was a country of power and the kings needed fast and sustainable horses for the wars around Europe.

Est. 1928
Under more peaceful circumstances, an organisation catering to the warmblood breeders was founded. The original name was ASVH (Avelsföreningen för Svenska Varmblodiga Hästen) and its mission then was, and still is, ”to produce a noble, correct and sound warmblood horse, that through its rideability, performance oriented temperament, excellent gaits and/or jumping ability is internationally competitive”. Our ranking on a global level suggests we have been fairly successful in achieving our breeding goal.

Taking care of an investment
However, nothing is so good it can’t be improved. Our non profit organisation has 3 500 members and 26 regional member associations. Our members are the reason we work so hard to develop the Swedish Warmblood sport horse, both on a national and international level. To produce a horse that eventually will be successful in dressage – or jumping is a big investment. No matter what level. Our ambition is to support the breeders and owners and ultimately help generate the appropriate return on the investment every breeder and owner makes. Both financially and sports wise. This vision makes us more than just a non profit organisation – it makes us a professional partner.

The Swedish way
Keeping horses in Sweden is surrounded by vast rules and regulations regarding the ethical treatment of animals. These rules are both official and non official. Several horse organisations contribute to the sustainable development of our breeding program and to a successful equestrian sport. The foundation is accuracy and ethics. To do right, to be honest and transparent, to collaborate, think quality and long term success. We believe this is why we have reached such success and acknowledgement world wide with our warmblood sport horses.

The Swedish Warmblood Association, SWB is a nation wide breeding organisation with a mission to support and develop the breeding program and the breeding and marketing of Swedish Warmblood horses for riding –and driving sport purposes. SWB is a non profit organisation with 3 500 members and 26 regional member associations.

Business idea 
We support the breeding of the Swedish Warmblood horse and market it as one of the top sport horse breeds in the world, hence creating values for our members.

SWB shall be synonymous with quality, the production of a high quality warmblood horse and should also be tied to the horse’s success in sport. Swedish Warmblood breeding shall be one of the top programs world wide, producing high quality horses for riding purposes.

We will work towards the SWB being viewed as one of the top riding – and sport horse breeds in the world.

Breeding goal
A noble, correct and sound warmblood horse, that through its rideability, performance oriented temperament, excellent gaits and/or jumping ability is internationally competitive.

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