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Stallion Performance Test

The Stallion Performance Test is a breeding evaluation held in February/March on a yearly basis. Stallions 3-5 years of age participate as well as older stallions with performance merits from either competition or a performance test from abroad. Only the top stallions are approved for breeding in SWB. For more information regarding the approvals, please see The Stallion Performance Test Rules and Regulations.

The 2019 stallion test takes place February 26 – March 3 at Flyinge, the Swedish Equestrian Center.

For information please contact ann-charlotte.cadier@swb.org or tel +46-46 – 646 49

Welcome to the 2019 SWB Stallion Performance Test!

The Swedish Warmblood Association was founded 90 years ago in 1928 as a reaction to the closure of most of the military cavalry regiments in Sweden. The duty and interest for the Swedish Warmblood horse hence shifted from being of military origin to civilian. The equestrian sport has since, during almost a century gradually increased to become a hugely popular competition sport as well as a favorite pastime of the Swedish population of today. The traits of which makes up the horse of today has likewise shifted quite significantly to match the rider of the 21st century. We extend a warm welcome to the contenders of this year’s stallion performance test; stallion prospects all with the hopes of meeting the demands of tomorrow and bringing our breeding program into the future. The stallion test itself and SWB undergo change and revisions over time. The rules and regulations for the testing are continuously monitored. This year we welcome the test riders to complement the Inspection Committee and the veterinary delegation will be supported by Axel Wallman, DVM. The Inspection Committee’s briefs on each stallion will again be communicated to the public throughout the testing. We are all very happy about the success of the SWB horse rankings among the breeding associations on a global level where we continuously are ranked among the top in both jumping and dressage. In order to solidify this level, we need to continue our breeding program with pairing good mares with both older stallions with merits as well as with the young, newly approved stallions with excellent pedigrees. The breeder that manages to identify the star of tomorrow will be amply rewarded with a head start in their breeding program. Surely, we hope to identify this star sire among the collection of young stallions presented at this year’s performance test. Let us now come together and view, evaluate and discuss but most of all really enjoy these wonderful young stallions that will be presented throughout the performance test week.

We extend a warm Welcome to the stallion owners, the trainers and the public to thoroughly enjoy these interesting days with the young, promising stallions in focus!

Olle Kindberg, President SWB

Schedule Stallion Performance Test 2019

Phase 1 Tuesday February 26
All day – Veterinary Inspection 3-, 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions – Conformation 3-, 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions

Wednesday February 27 
AM – Jumping under rider 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance jumping stallions
PM – Free jumping  4- and 5-year old dressage stallions – Free jumping I 3-year olds (all)

Thursday February 28  
AM – Gaits 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance dressage stallions
PM – Gaits I 3-year old stallions

Friday March 1 
PM – Veterinary inspection and conformation evaluation of stallions already qualified for approval – Swede Horse Stallion Show in dressage and jumping

Phase II Saturday March 2 
AM – Free jumping II 3-year old jumping stallions – Gaits II 3-year old dressage stallions
PM – Test riders jumping 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions – Test riders dressage 4- and 5-year old stallions and performance stallions

Sunday March 3 
AM – Gaits 4- and 5-year old dressage stallions and performance stallions. – Jumping under rider  4- and 5-year old stallions and performance jumping stallions    

Performance Guidelines

Three year old stallions complete a five-day test, with one day of rest, including veterinary inspection, conformation evaluation, free jumping and gaits under rider. The dressage stallions are shown twice in gaits, the jumping stallions only once. The jumping stallions are shown twice in free jumping instead where the dressage stallions likewise are shown only once.

Four- and five year old stallions complete a longer test divided into two phases. Phase I include veterinary inspection, conformation evaluation, free jumping or jumping under rider and gaits under rider. Jumping stallions must be shown under rider in the jumping test. Phase II has the stallions divided into dressage or jumping at stallion owner’s choice. The dressage stallions are shown in gaits under own rider and under test riders. The jumping stallions are shown in jumping under own rider and under test riders.  The free jump moment is optional for four- and five year old stallions dressage stallions who have received G2 as 3 year olds.

Stallions with merits (6P) that meet the requirements to be evaluated as stallion prospects according to the SWB Rules and Regulations but do not have the merits to be awarded a breeding license directly are shown at a veterinary inspection and a conformation evaluation and otherwise perform the steps that the stallion committee has decided that they want to see the stallion in. Stallions with merits will only be shown in its specific discipline. An index is then calculated for each stallion (dressage – or jumping index). Three year old stallions must have an index of no less than 10 for approval. An approved stallion will be awarded the breeding merit class G2 which entitles the stallion to breed for two years. Four- and five year old stallions must have an index of no less than 18 for approval. Approved stallion will be awarded the breeding merit class G and awarded a lifelong approval for breeding. 

Stallions automatically qualified (6DK) are stallions that are to be standing in Sweden and already meet the requirements for a breeding license. Mandatory events for these stallions are the veterinary inspection and conformation evaluation that need to be passed for approval. For stallions approved for their merits in international competitions and/or through their offsprings, participation in Swede Horse stallion show is optional, for other stallions mandatory. In order to be approved, they must pass the veterinary inspection, meet the basic requirements and participate in the stallion show if they belong to the category for which it is mandatory.

Test riders


Dave Maarse, The Netherlands
Dave was born and raised in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. His parents had a nursery and a small riding school that eventually developed in to a professional riding school in Nistelrode. Dave received his education at Deurne where he graduated in 1986. He worked as a rider for the Dutch foundation ”The Olympic Horse” and as a rider for Ger Poels before he started his own business, ”De Droogstal”, together with his wife Gaby in 1995.  Dave competes up to S class jumping both on a national and international level.

Jennifer Fogh-Pedrsen, Denmark
Jennifer grew up in an equestrian oriented family and has worked with horses throughout her whole career. She managed a show barn in Denmark and Germany and she has worked as a rider for training/show barns in both Germany and Belgium. Jennifer has victories and placings in international Grand Prix, Nation competitions, Scandinavian Open, World Young Horse Championships and qualifiers to the Bundeschampionate.  This will be Jennifer’s fifth year as a test rider for SWB.


Minna Telde, Sweden
Minna’s experience from competing in both the young horse championship finals as well as international championship shows is extensive. Her resumé includes two Olympic Games, two World Equestrian Games, four European Championships and a steady flow of gold medals from both Swedish and Nordic Championships over the years. She has ridden in the final at the World Young Horse Championships several times and won a bronze medal in 1999 with Maistic 941. Minna’s experience with stallions is well documented and other than  having presented several stallions at the performance tests over the years, some of her most famous equine competition partners have been stallions such as Sack (SWB) 907, Don Charly 1052 and Santana 1111.

Jan Möller Christensen, Denmark
Jan Möller Christensen is a proffessional dressage rider and has worked for, among others, Bjarne Nielsen, Hasse Hoffmann and Börge Rasmussen. For almost twenty years, Jan has has a show barn för dressage horses on Själland together with his swedish wife Sophie. Jan has trained and competed several horses up to the Grand Prix level dressage and he has also participated successfully at the Young Horse Championships several times. 2017, Jan won with the stallion Hesselhöj Donkey Boy a bronze medal at the Young Horse Championships in Ermelo.


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