Breeders Trophy

Swede Horse AB is a corporation owned by SWB. It’s main purpose is to arrange the Swedish Young Horse Championships; Breeders Trophy. Breeders of SWB horses pay a Breeders Trophy fee att registration, creating a fund that ultimately is paid out as prize money at the Young Horse Championships in dressage, junping and three day eventing several years later, when horses are four to six years of age. Breeders Trophy is held during the fall, a prestigious event for any breeder, owner and rider. Many successful horses, both on a national and international level have started their career competing at the event. The mission of Breeders Trophy is to first and foremost reward, stimulate and encourage breeders of Swedish Warmbloods, to serve as a market place for SWB horses and last but not least, Breeders Trophy is the venue where future elite horses can be found.

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