Elite Foal Auction

During this year’s Breeders Trophy, SWB’s popular and well-visited Elite Foal Auction returns. Over the years, the arrangements have been refined and developed into a successful and internationally viable auction that attracts both a large audience at Flyinge and also buyers from all corners of the world. The average price has been high and many are the future diamonds that has been sold during the auction over the years and have since shown their forefathers on young horse tests and in comptetition. Last year, Belgian Frederik de Backer took over as auctioneer and he will also return to this year’s auction.

In mid-August, SWB’s selection team Anderas Jönsson and Johan Ifverson will once again get out on the roads to select a high-ranking palette of top quality jumping-  and dressage foals that will then be sold in October. With them, they have a photographer and film team and as soon as the foal collection  is presented, the foals will be marketed with photos and films in a variety of channels, both in Sweden and internationally.


The Elite Foal auction will be held in the evening on Friday  October 5. All foals are pre-shown earlier in the day.

Exact dates and locations for selection will be published shortly.

SWB’s 10th anniversary Elitfölauktion 2017 became a very successful story. Foals for a total of SEK 4 520 000 was sold and the average price was about SEK 130 000, which is a new record for the auction.

The most expensive dressage foal was the Revolution son Radius, who was bought by Helgstrand Dressage for SEK 300 000. Among the jumpers it was Main River e. Cornet Obolensky that received the highest bid and sold for SEK 260 000 to Tullstorp Dressage Stable. The interest in foals was high even from countries other than Sweden, and  buyers were also noted from, among others, the United States, Germany, Ireland and Denmark.

Prices of elite foals 2017
The full collection of foals with pictures, films, information about the pedigree and prices you can find HERE

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