Elite Foal Auction

SWB’s 10th anniversary of the Elite Foal Auction is over and it became very successful. The pre showing was well-attended, carried out in the glorious sun at Kastanjegården, and afterwards, interested parties were welcomed to Flying’s charming stables, where it was given the opportunity to look a little extra on the foals and talk to the breeders.

The evening’s auction was very popular and both VIP seats and stands were well stocked. Fredrik de Backer premiereed as auctioneer and held a high pace on the bidding. Foals for a total of  4 520 000 SEK was sold and the average price was just under 130 000 SEK, which is a new record.

This year’s most expensive dressage foal was the Revolution-son Radius, inquired by Helgstrand Dressage for 300 000 SEK. The jumping foal Main River e. Cornet Obolensky received the highest bid and sold for 260 000 SEK to Tullstorp Dressage Stable. The interest for the foals was high even from countries other than Sweden, and we also note buyers from, among others, the United States, Germany, Ireland and Denmark.

A big congratulations to all the sellers of the foals and good luck to all who succeed in bying one of these nice foals. See you at the Elite Foal Auction in 2018!

Prices of elite foals 2017

The full collection of foals with pictures, films, information about the pedigree and prices you can find HERE

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