Elite Foal Auction

SWB’s successful Elite Foal Auction takes place Friday October 6, during the Breeders Trophy at Flyinge. The auction is a highly festive event during the show finals. An excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to view the top young horses in the country, from foals at the auction to the top 3-7 year olds competing in the finals.

In 2017 we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Elite Foal Auction, having seen a development of foal prices that is highly competitive with the European market.


The 2016 Elite Foal Auction proved to be a successful event with foals sold for 4 185 000 SEK, averaging 120 000 SEK per foal. This was the highest average price since the very first auction in 2008. The foal Fabulous M by Johnson sold for the top price 460 000 SEK. Several jumping foals sold as well with the top price of 220 000 SEK fetched by the foal Myfair by London.

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